The Right Profile

My mom tells people that Caleb looks like Phillip Michael Thomas of Miami Vice fame. Wrong, mom. According to space-age celebrity recognition software, Caleb looks like two-thirds of Will Smith (unless I misunterstand how this program uses percentages). He actually was 75% of Oprah, but I put that up to their shared exuberance and moved on to match #4.

Hmm, perhaps this software's not yet been perfected. (Other matches for Sam included Olympic speed skater and Dancing with the Stars winner Apolo Anton Ohno and the19th century German physicist Gustav Kirchoff.)

In any case, I've now got this great idea for a screenplay in which Will Smith and Vince Vaughn play twin brothers.


Joel said...

I did is for myself and I ended up wit a 3 way tie between Guy Pearce (the villian in Count of Monte Cristo), Matt Lablanc and Prince Phillip of England.
Isabell ended up as Timothy Dalton.

Joel said...

I tried a different picture of me and ending up with a 85% match to Nathan Lane. Yikes.
Erin is a 90% match to Anne Hathaway (Devil wears Prada, Princess Diaries).
Oddly enough, Buffy ended up being a pretty good match to J. K. Rowling.

cm said...

Alice matched with Wilma Rudolph, Jennifer Garner, and Margaret Cho. Maybe in the movie, Jennifer Garner and Margaret Cho could also be twins and Vince and Will could romance them.