Anger And No One Can Heal It

If you feel as though you aren't able to affect honest change, read this.

A suggestion's made for action, and the reason why it won't occur is the same damn reason it should.

Meanwhile, here's some old radio work from Stan Freburg:

Quiet Humor

Marcel Marceau died this past weekend, after outliving his art form by nearly thirty years. He’s survived by his wife, _________________, and their children, _____________ and ________________.

Marceau’s death comes after a period of declining health during which he ultimately stopped pretending to eat bananas or any other imaginary food. The last time he was seen in public, he seemed a shell of his former self, limping along an avenue in Paris with the help of an invisible cane. His health problems had long impacted his work, as audiences were underwhelmed with his “Rolling a Wheelchair in the Wind” routine.

His funeral is slated to include a nation-wide Moment of Talking, after which he’s expected to be buried in an imaginary glass box.


Une année en Wisconsin

Six months (July 2006) and eighteen months (July 2007).



It has come to our attention that yesterday was not, in fact, "Walk Like a Primate" Day. Rather, it was "Talk Like a Pirate" Day.

Townblog regrets the error and any confusion it may have caused.


Things You Learn From The New York Times (2)

They get us. They really get us.

"While binge drinking is a nationwide concern at colleges, the parent-notification policy faces an almost unique set of obstacles here at the University of Wisconsin. Both culture and counterculture have long conspired to tolerate, if not endorse, hearty drinking. The state’s German heritage is inextricably bound up with the brewing industry. And Madison’s history of student radicalism has often been lubricated by copious infusions of alcohol and drugs."

Police in Madison made 144 UW-Madison students go to detox in the 2006-07 academic year. I said no, no, no.


Things You Learn From The New York Times

Countries That Have Not Officially Adopted the Metric System:
1. Liberia
2. Myanmar
3. The United States of America



New in Romance!

A German-American girl with a green dress and places to go.

Two brothers, once the closest of friends, now torn apart by love.

Sam's buying her diamonds and plying her with charm.

But then she meets Caleb back by the swing in the shadow of the garage

And the high school prom is only 16 years away...!

A thrilling new romance:The Sandbox Set.


Caleb luxiuriates.

Sam, up to old tricks.

Someone needs an I-N-T-E-R-V-E-N-T-I-O-N!

Annika is rightfully disgusted.

Sam and Caleb tuck into a nice flank of Wilson.

Photos courtesy Kirsten Johnson. More to come.